The Taiwan Institute for Governance and Communication Research (TIGCR) will hold an international conference on “Political Polarization: Perspective of Governance and Communication” on 30 October 2020 at the National Chengchi University.

On the basis of the discussion in the 2019 TIGCR International Conference last year, this conference keeps focusing on the phenomenon of political polarization and its core concepts: democratic governance, social media usage, and political communication.

For the 2020 TIGCR International Conference on “Political Polarization: Perspective of Governance and Communication”, scholars are invited to analyze the causes, distribution, and impacts of political polarization related to algorithm, fake news, political participation, issue position, and ideology, etc., by using survey data, big data, content analysis, and comparative studies. We aim to prevent and alleviate polarization of opinion to create a sustainable and harmonious society.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Political Polarization: public opinion survey, technological impacts on political attitudes and behaviors, causes, effects, and related discussions of political polarization, etc.
  2. Democratic Governance: political attitudes of government bureaucrats and citizens, polarization perception and democratic governance, and bureaucratic responsiveness, etc.
  3. Political Communication: news media and political communication, governance and communication interaction, political polarization and social media usage, fake news, echo chamber effect, and algorithm, etc.


Important Dates

  1. Abstract Submission Deadline: 16 March 2020
  2. Acceptance Notification: 6 April 2020
  3. Full paper submission deadline: 30 September 2020


Abstract Submission Guidelines

  1. 300-word abstracts must be written in MS Word format and must include: title, authors, and affiliations. Abstracts must be submitted not later than March 16, 2020.
  2. TIGCR welcomes the submission of original works. To submit your abstract, send your paper to tigcr.nccu@gmail.com.
  3. All submissions must be in English, and accepted papers will be presented as oral presentations in English.

台灣政經傳播研究中心TIGCR邀請Texas Tech University的Nick Bowman副教授發表線上演講「Heraclitus and the Standards of Science: A Case for Considering Open Science Practices in Communication Science」。


Science is a field that presents knowledge while paradoxically complicated and updating the same. This turbulence can be found in the very evolutions of our scientific standards of practice, from how we conduct work and collect data to how we analyze, present, and share our work with interested audiences. In response to broad calls for transparency in science and recognizing the affordances of online knowledge distribution, a growing number of communication scholars, journals, institutions, and learned associations are encouraging us to reconsider how we produce science for maximum impact. Our current presentation will (a) review the genesis of open science practices, (b) outline an agenda of seven open science practices relevant to communication science, (c) discuss costs and benefits associated with this agenda and (d) provide specific recommendations and examples for adopting some or all of the proposed agenda in your own research, including special considerations for political communication research. The online session will include a follow-up question and answer session.





Nick Bowman是美國Texas Tech University的副教授。他的研究興趣為民眾的認知、情緒、社交、生理等需求,如何影響互動媒體的使用行為,解釋電動遊戲(虛擬實境、擴增實境以及其他互動媒體等)的影響效果。Dr. Bowman發表了超過80篇經同儕審查的文章,並擔任重要期刊編輯。

  • 講題:Heraclitus and the Standards of Science: A Case for Considering Open Science Practices in Communication Science
  • 講者:Nick Bowman (Associate Professor, Journalism and Creative Media Industries, Texas Tech University, USA)
  • 時間:2020/05/27 (三) 中午13:30
  • 形式:線上工作坊


  1. 本次演講將以線上方式舉行,報名成功者將在演講前一天(05/26)以email方式收到YouTube連結;連結僅供確認網址是否有效,尚無法觀看影片。如果您沒有在05/26下班前收到連結,請與我們聯絡。
  2. 如果可以經由連結成功進入網站,就可以在05/27(三)下午13:30透過連結網址前往觀看演講影片,對演講內容有疑問的話則可以透過留言、email方式提問。

※※報名網址 https://bit.ly/2xLLuac※※


台灣政經傳播研究中心TIGCR在4月29日(三)下午1點半,以線上教學的方式舉行【TIGCR調查資料分析實務工作坊】。本次工作坊由政治學系黃紀教授、公共行政學系董祥開副教授主講,使用TIGCR在去年釋出的一般民眾定群追蹤調查資料(TIGCR-PPS 2018)、文官定群追蹤網調資料(TIGCR-TGBS 2018),介紹TIGCR資料庫,並會搭配統計軟體,示範如何運用這兩筆調查資料探索台灣民眾、政府文官的議題立場等重要研究問題。

使用資料:一般民眾定群追蹤調查資料(TIGCR-PPS 2018)、文官定群追蹤網調資料(TIGCR-TGBS 2018)

1. 本次工作坊將以線上教學方式舉行,報名成功者將在工作坊前一天(04/28)以email方式收到YouTube連結;連結僅供確認網址是否有效,尚無法觀看影片。如果您沒有在04/28下班前收到連結,請與我們聯絡。
2. 如果可以經由連結成功進入網站,就可以在04/29(三)下午13:30透過連結網址前往觀看工作坊影片,對工作坊內容有疑問的話則可以透過留言、email方式提問


  • 講者:黃紀 (國立政治大學政治學系講座教授、台灣政經傳播研究中心主任)
  • 時長:15分鐘


  • 講者:黃紀 (國立政治大學政治學系講座教授、台灣政經傳播研究中心主任)
  • 時長:30分鐘


  • 講者:董祥開 (國立政治大學公共行政學系副教授、台灣政經傳播研究中心文官網調小組召集人)
  • 時長:30分鐘




由國立政治大學傳播學院、國立政治大學台灣政經傳播研究中心共同主辦的Qualitative Analysis with NVivo工作坊即日起開放報名!

講師:Dr. Natalie Pang(新加坡國立大學李光耀公共政策學院資深研究員)



活動簡介:In this workshop, Dr. Natalie Pang will introduce the different paradigms of qualitative research and how they inform qualitative methods. This is followed up by a hands-on workshop on qualitative analysis with NVivo. By the end of this workshop, participants should have working knowledge of how to go about analysing their qualitative data, computing inter-coder reliability and running queries using NVivo. Participants are encouraged to bring their own qualitative data to the workshop, if they are working with any (this is encouraged, but not mandatory as Dr. Natalie Pang will provide samples of qualitative data to work with). There are no prerequisites, but participants are expected to bring a laptop with NVivo 10 or later installed. A trial version can be downloaded here: https://www.qsrinternational.com/nvivo/trial
註:Participants are expected to bring a laptop with NVivo 10.



由國立政治大學傳播學院、國立政治大學台灣政經傳播研究中心共同主辦的Introduction to Data Science with R工作坊即日起開放報名!

講師:Dr. Natalie Pang(新加坡國立大學李光耀公共政策學院資深研究員)



活動簡介:With ongoing demands for data science and analytics in both the industry and academia, this workshop aims to introduce participants to basics of R, including exploring and visualising datasets using R. This is an introductory workshop so there are no prerequisites. Participants are required to bring a laptop – Dr. Natalie will walk them through the steps for installing R and RStudio.
註:Participants are required to bring a laptop with R.



台灣政經傳播研究中心TIGCR邀請新加坡南洋理工大學Edson C Tandoc Jr.教授發表演講「假新聞、真問題?──以新加坡為例」。Tandoc教授研究興趣為數位新聞中的訊息建構社會學,新聞工作者所扮演的角色及其影響力、閱聽人如何理解重大事件及如何反饋。



本次演講立基於南洋理工大學的研究結果,從焦點團體座談及全國性調查訪問分析新加坡民眾如何定義、應對假新聞,也透過實驗測試消息來源可信度和受歡迎程度對人們相信假新聞程度的影響,另從內容分析則發現假新聞的語言和結構模式。綜合以上研究,Edson C. Tandoc Jr.教授將全盤解密假新聞的來源、群眾、訊息要素、傳播方式等。


Edson C. Tandoc Jr.是新加坡南洋理工大學黃金輝傳播與資訊學院的副教授。他的研究興趣為數位新聞語境下的訊息建構社會學,也研究記者的新聞角色、新技術和受眾反應對新聞守門過程的影響。例如:記者在新聞工作中使用網路分析的方式及效果。他亦從新聞消費者的角度來研究新聞,調查讀者如何理解新聞中的關鍵事件,並重新思考新聞規範以及變動的新聞吸收模式如何加速假新聞的傳播。

  • 講題:假新聞、真問題?──以新加坡為例(Fake News, Real Problem: The Case of Singapore)
  • 講者:Edson C. Tandoc Jr. (新加坡南洋理工大學黃金輝傳播與資訊學院副教授)
  • 主持人:林翠絹 (國立政治大學傳播學院副院長、廣播電視學系主任、台灣政經傳播中心國際研究交流召集人)
  • 時間:2019/12/04 (三) 中午12:10-14:00
  • 地點:國立政治大學綜合院館一樓270104教室