The Forth wave “TIGCR-PPS 2021” and “TIGCR-TGBS 2021” were officially conducted since April 26, 2021

TIGCR’s main purpose is to investigate "Political attitude, Policy-making and Governance Communication in Taiwan". Through face-to-face interview and online survey, we build the general public and government bureaucrats panel data archives on their issue orientation, political polarization, and media use. The panel survey data will be released to local and foreign researchers annually in English and Chinese.

Following up the nationally representative panel survey conducted for three years, the forth wave "TIGCR-PPS 2021" and "TIGCR-TGBS 2021" were officially conducted since April 26, 2021. Targeting the public and civil servants, we did the survey on important political issues, communicational behaviors, government performances and public service. We deeply appreciate all the participants for joining the panel survey.